Frequently Asked Questions

MyEasyPay is for anyone who wants to take payments online or by phone. MyEasyPay is ideal for field sales, private contractors, tradespeople, professional associations and any other service providers.

Yes! You can place a link on your social media platforms and you can also accept payment by phone using our Virtual Terminal which acts as a Point of Sale terminal. You can also send your clients a request for payment by emailing them a link. Clients can then click the link and complete their payment.

Sign up for free - no obligation(possible link here). One of our sales team will then contact you and speak to you about registration. We will then assist you with your merchant services setup and discuss your account prefrences. Finally, we'll process a test transaction to verify your account is operating correctly and then set your account LIVE.

The page displayed to your client will contain your own branding. This can be either a full banner or your company logo. They will then see a list of products available for payment. This can be as simple as a single entry for invoice payment or a full list of products.

To make a payment, your client simply selects the item they require and proceeds to pay. You decide if you want your clients to register their details and create an account. Clients add their chosen item to their bill, answer any questions you have set and then pay.

No. However, if you get a lot of repeat business it can be helpful to ask your clients to set up accounts. The benefit to your client is that each time they pay you they don’t need to enter all their details again - they simply have to login. The other benefit to them is that within their account they will have a full statement of all payments they have made to all organisations that use MyEasyPay.

Straight away you will be able to process Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

With Stripe the funds will reach your account on a 7 day rolling basis. With other merchant service providers the funds will go directly to your bank account overnight. Your bank reconciliation will reflect these settlment periods.

Stripe is a payment processor that helps thousands of organisations around the world accept payments online. Stripe enables funds to reach your account quickly and securely. Stripe is certified to PCI Level 1, the highest level of certification available. Stripe is used by thousands of organisations around the world and it can process payments from all major credit and debit cards.

When a payment is processed a receipt is automatically generated and delivered via email to both your client and you. You also have access to a full suite of reports detailing all payments received.

With MyEasyPay you can provide your clients with a facility to pay in full or to pay in instalments. You control the number of instalments and the frequency with which instalments are taken.

When you client proceeds to pay they choose the option to ‘pay by instalments’. The payer enters their details and the plan is setup. This plan will then run automatically at the defined frequency. 5 days in advance of an instalment being due a reminder is sent by email to notify your client. When an instalment is issued a receipt is automatically emailed.

If an instalment fails your client is notified by email. This email contains instructions on how to add a new card or change their existing card’s details. You will also receive notification of the failure and you have access to retry the payment and/or update the stored card details on behalf of your client.

Yes, you can issue a full refund or a partial refund. If you choose to issue a refund the payment is automatically refunded to the card used in the purchase.