The world of online payments can be a bit confusing. At times, all the jargon and acronyms can sound like a different language and can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog we will delve into the jargon, find out what the various payment related acronyms mean and hopefully make online payments more accessible to everyone. If you’re curious about online payments, you ‘kinda know’ what HTTPS, etc mean or if you have no idea at all then this blog can help you!

The number of online transactions has been growing over the past number of years as seen in the 2013 Capgemini & RBS World Payments Report and is predicted to continue to increase rapidly. Most of us have completed online transactions regularly and although online payments are widespread they are also relatively new and we might still have questions about various terms, security measures and what advantages can be gained from online payments. During the course of this blog we will answer these questions.

As well as these questions we will look at future trends and explain the major developments in online payments as they happen and how these changes will affect business and the consumer.

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