What is 3D Secure and Why is it Used?

3D Secure is another layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. It was developed to provide more security for online transactions. The idea is that 3D Secure provides the same level of security online as chip & pin does when you are physically paying for something by card.
Once the user has input their card details the next screen will be a page requiring the user to input their 3D Secure password or a selection of characters from their password.

++What does it mean for me when I’m making a payment?++
When completing online transactions the payer must input both their card details and subsequently their 3D Secure password meaning there is a lower risk of payment card fraud. It is simply one extra screen in the transaction process and can be completed quickly (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

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++Can’t remember your password?++
People forgetting or incorrectly inputting their 3D Secure password is a common source of online payment failure.
This means the transaction is not completed.

Fig. 3

Clicking the back arrow button and interrupting the transaction can also be a cause of failure. Other potential reasons for failed payments are if the card is ‘declined’– this can mean that there are not enough funds on the card but not necessarily. Other common reasons for a card being declined include:

Some of the card details have been entered incorrectly
The card’s daily limit has been reached
The card has expired

If you are having trouble setting up your 3D Secure password or if you have any concerns about the information required for setting up 3D Secure then call your bank and they will be able to help you.